Virtual Music Groups


  • A final high-resolution video file of your group performing virtually with high quality customized audio
  • A customized rehearsal click track for your members to guide recording their video
    • We build the click around your existing audio
    • MP3 file(s) will be available for your musicians to practice and perform with
  • A link for your members to upload their videos (Google Drive)
  • Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied

Cost Options:

  • Option A: $20 per person’s video per song
    • Example 1: If a group submits 14 videos, 14 X $20 = $280 for one song
    • Example 2: If a group submits 25 videos, 25 X $20 = $500 for one song
  • Option B: $20 per half-hour of work (standard private musician
    • Regardless of song length, complexity, number of videos — it’s a flat rate per work on the audio and video.
    • Detailed logging of time to minute will be provided

Additional Costs (if needed):

  • SCRATCH TRACK: Creation of a professional audio scratch track if you don’t already have one available to create a click track to (unlimited revisions), $20 per half hour of work
  • MUSIC TRANSCRIPTION: Accurate sheet music transcriptions for members to follow, $20 per half hour of work
  • PERSONAL MEMBER SUPPORT: Member support if they are having trouble uploading their files to the Google Drive link (for example, if several of your members discover they cannot figure out how to upload large video files…I will kindly walk them through the process over the phone or video chat), $10 per musician per support call per song
  • MULTI-TRACK FILES: Multitrack file(s) for your DAW  if you wish to custom mix musicians on the fly during a mixed live/virtual performance, $50 for DAW file

Phasing Planning Option:

If you aren’t sure wherever or not you need a virtual music group yet, but you’d like your musicians to begin practicing with resources that would prepare them to do so — consider a phased planning option!

  • Example: Let’s say you have a performance scheduled 3 months from now — but you aren’t sure if you’ll be able to perform fully live or need to mix in a virtual group via video. Consider supplying the musicians with a click track of the song(s) now to allow them to practice personally. Then you can wait to decide which format you’ll want the performance to be in up to 6 weeks prior to the performance. Phasing Cost: You pay upfront for the time it takes to build the click track per song now…then if you decide to move ahead with creating the virtual group…the cost of creating the click track will be rolled into the full cost of the project. If you decide you do not need the virtual group, you are only out the cost of producing the click track.