Worship Underscores

A total of 30 worship underscores in every key! They are notated in sheet music for piano/keys, chord charts, and number charts — so the entire band is a part of the underscore if you choose! 360 chord charts, 360 music notated charts, and 360 Nashville number charts are included with this worship underscore package. Load up any of the thirty MP3 examples for your musicians to personally practice and prepare. Each underscore has three sections, each of which flows in/out of each other. This allows musicians to end underscores at any point and maintain a variety. In every underscore, Section A is a foundational place to begin. If more time is needed, move on to Section B. Then if you’d like to come back to Section A … simply flow from the end of B back in A. Have a long-winded speaker? You’ve got this! Section C is waiting for you to take the journey even further. These worship underscores are designed to “stay out of the way” of where the focus should be — on the communicator, not the music. Musically subtle, but more interesting than a drone or endless I to IV chord patterns to lull that pew baby to sleep. Have a library of worship underscores ready to go at a moment’s notice! Tip: If you lose track of which underscores you’ve already used on the weekend, try taking the date of the weekend — then use that numbered worship underscore and select the key of the song you are coming from or going to! Those in an experience will enjoy the subtle variety worship underscores bring by keeping it fresh every time.

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