Instrumental Underscores

1,300+ Charts for Piano, Keys & Guitar

Effortlessly transition between songs & speaking moments with a comprehensive library of 1,300 instrumental vamping underscores! PDFs in both music notation for piano/keys, chord charts for guitars, and numbers charts for those studio musicians — you’ll find 52 charts in EVERY KEY included in this library. Streamline your selection process by using the included Matrix Library of Underscores, which categorizes them based on Tonality, Texture, Skill Level, and Time Meter. Watch the explainer video to learn how you can effortlessly flow between the vamp-able Section A, B and C in every underscore.

Designed to be “Musically Subtle”

Our worship underscores are specifically designed to stay in the background, allowing the focus to remain on the communicator. They offer a musically interesting alternative to monotonous drones and patterns most musicians default to, keeping the atmosphere both engaging and focused on what is important.

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