Underscores 1-52: Packages A, B, C, D and F (Piano, Keys, Chords)


Instructions and Examples

Example: Underscore #2

Example: Underscore #6

Example: Underscore #19

These royalty-free underscores are written for any moment of worship, prayer, scripture reading, narration, video element, song transitions and more.

A total of 52 underscores in every key. If you play in a worship setting, this would be a different underscore each week for an entire year! These underscores are notated in sheet music for piano/keys, chord charts, and number charts — so the entire band be a part of the underscore if you choose! Load up the MP3 examples for your musicians to hear an example. Each underscore has three sections, each which flow in/out of each other. This allows musicians to end underscores at any point and maintain variety (see example below).

With this purchase you will download:

624 Piano/Keys Notated Sheet Music
624 Chord Charts
52 Nashville Number Charts
52 Audio MP3 Examples of Underscores 1-52




Notated Piano/Keys Music

Notated Piano/Keys Music

Chord Charts for Guitar/Keys

Chord Charts for Guitar/Keys

Number Charts for Nashville Studio Musicians

Number Charts for Nashville Studio Musicians