Christmas Eve | “Ready-to-Go” Service


Christmas Eve Service “Ready-To-Go”

Looking for a fresh and quick Christmas Eve service package? Running out of time to put a high-quality service for Christmas Eve? Look no further! This packet, complete with fresh Christmas music arrangements, offers a blend of both modern and classic vibes. A fresh and inviting ready-to-go Christmas Eve designed with your musicians, production team and church guests in mind. Have yourself a merry simple Christmas.



All six songs come with vocal/piano/strings notated sheet music, guitar chords, guitar capo simplified chords, and Nashville number system. String parts come with recommended bowing markings to make quick work in rehearsals.

Instrumentation Options:

  1. Piano, guitar, string quartet (recommend)
  2. Piano and guitar
  3. Piano and string quartet
  4. Piano only

Optional string quartet (included):

  1. Violin 1
  2. Violin 2
  3. Viola
  4. Cello

Why worship leaders and musicians appreciate this format

Endless rehearsals? Figuring out arrangements and flows? Still working out transitions down to the wire? Music not in the right format for how your musicians prefer to read the music? 

Designed in an easy-to-follow PDF booklet format for each musician, the book format serves as a comprehensive guide for your team of musicians throughout the service. Essentially, it’s a “pre-made” yet customizable Christmas Eve service for any church. Instead of spending time discussing how to flow in and out or how to arrange songs in rehearsals, everything is put together and laid out for your team.

Service Outline

The service begins with an uplifting medley of three classic Christmas carols that serve as a familiar starting point for every guest who attends your Christmas Eve service. The service continues with a contemplative arrangement of “O Come O Come Emmanuel” which flows seamlessly into “What Child Is This.”  The service concludes with a beautiful setting of “Silent Night,” which includes a vamp section which effortlessly adapts to the timing needs of any candlelight moment.  Though the musical arrangements are designed to work without the optional string quartet, the strings will certainly be a memorable experience for every guest young and old. 

  1. O Come All Ye Faithful
  2. Angels We Have Heard on High
  3. Hark the Herald Angels Sing
  4. O Come O Come Emmanuel
  5. What Child is This (*, **, ***)
  6. Silent Night (*, **)

*can be used as a candlelight moment as both of them include vamp sections to extend the songs as needed for candlelight timing

** includes an optional advanced Guitar TAB finger pick style part, if you have an advanced player

*** includes two setting options; advanced piano part to be played with guitar chords, or advanced Guitar TAB finger picking to be played with simplified piano part

Extras included:

  1. Instrumental Worship Underscores (notated piano, guitar chords)
  2. Stand-Alone Solo: It Came Upon a Midnight Clear (solo cello or solo violin with piano accompaniment)

Flexibility for your service layout

The program also includes placeholders for Announcements, Prayer, Kids Reading, Responsive Reading, Video Moments, and Message. Each of these sections is supplied with a written notated/chords instrumental underscore for piano/guitar to simplify the process. The underscore has three sections, all of which can be extended to fit the duration of these moments.

The music includes vamp sections built into the end of “Silent Night”. This allows larger congregations to extend a candlelighting moment, or keep it short and sweet.

Hassle free production elements 

We’ve got you covered!

  • Lyrics in text format in the arrangement order needed
  • Public domain benefits: You are granted permission to use our arranged versions of these public domain songs without the requirement to display any copyright information, allowing you to present a visually appealing experience. No need to clutter up your bulletin or screen display with these extra typically required items.
  • Confidence monitor display “lyrics with chords” or “lyrics with Nashville music number system”
  • MP3 audio recordings for your service planning software
  • Additional click tracks: Click tracks for in ear monitor system environments click L and verbal guide tracks R to be used with any IEM setup (additional purchase)

Have Yourself a Merry Simple Christmas

Your musicians will appreciate this easy yet well-crafted Christmas Eve service during a busy time of the year. Most importantly, it will draw the focus to the true meaning of Christmas: Christ’s coming to earth to dwell among us.